We want to make sure all of the new scout families and troop committee members (as well as those families that have been part of the troop for years) are familiar with the eScrip program we have available to us for fundraising.  If you’ve never participated in eScrip, it’s one of the easiest and painless fundraisers around.  Please explore the website, www.escrip.com to see how it works.

In a nutshell, eScrip donates 1-3% of your total shopping purchases at participating retailers.  The best local moneymaker is Schnucks.  Show your Schnucks eScrip card when you shop and a percentage of your total bill will be donated to our scout troop.  Some of you may already have a Schnucks eScrip card which benefits your church or school.  If so, you can easily add Troop 216 to your list of groups that receive donations by using our group ID number which is 500015713.

There are other ways to earn money that you can learn about on the website, such as shopping at designated merchants, shopping at the online mall, and dining at designated restaurants.  You may find that you frequently dine at a participating restaurant, and that that restaurant participates in eScrip.  Every time you dine and use your registered credit card, those businesses donate 5% of your total purchase.  The online mall includes many popular retailers such as Amazon, The Gap, Macy’s, Nordstrom and many more.  Different merchants donate different reward amounts.  Nordstrom donates 6%, for example, while Amazon donates 2.4%. You must register as an eScrip shopper at www.escrip.com for the troop to benefit from your purchases.

If you would like a Schnucks eScrip card, you can just pick one up at the the service counter at Schnucks and then register it online at home.  It must be registered in order for our troop to receive money.

For online shopping and local dining, you don’t need a card; you just need to go to www.escrip.com and register with your credit/debit card.  When asked which organization you would like to support, please enter:  Troop 216 Boy Scouts of America (Glen Carbon 62034) — or Group ID 500015713.

If you have any questions after you look at the website, please contact Mrs. Kuhne or Mr. Okoniewski. Thank you!

Ever think about becoming a Merit Badge Counselor?

Take a look at the “Welcome Materials” page for information on how simple it is to become a Merit Badge Counselor. For a very small time investment, you can have more positive impact on our youth by introducing them to your passion/hobby/career via the BSA Merit Badge program.  Think of it, 137 different topics you get to mentor in a controlled environment with an already laid out format of material that you get to apply your own signature to, via your own creativity!!!  Like Nike says, “Just do it!”

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