Welcome Materials

Download the Troop 216 Welcome Guidebook, Code of Conduct, and Adult Resource Survey from this page. We encourage you to refer to the Guidebook when you have questions or ask any adult leader.  We are here to be “of service” to you and your son.  All are in PDF file form  requiring Acrobat Reader to view them.

Welcome Guidebook

Code of Conduct

Adult Resource Survey

Merit Badge Counseling

Want to help the Troop in a very rewarding and non-time-intensive way?  There is no better way to insure the viability and stability of your son’s Scout Troop than becoming a merit badge counselor.  It is an extremely rewarding experience that allows you to pass on your passion and/or expertise in any number of 137 different fields of study.  All it takes is registration as an adult scouter, current BSA youth protection certification, and approval from Council.  There is no greater program to explore a myriad of hobbies/interests/potential careers than the BSA merit badge program. There is no cost to apply (using Position Code 42 for Merit Badge Counselors on Form 524-501) and think of the rewards of possibly passing what you already know onto today’s youth!!!  The only limit is the number of topics you can counsel at a given time, and that is four merit badges.  Here’s all you do:

  1. Register as an Adult Scouter (with proper signatures of Form 524-501).  Use Position Code 42
  2. Update or certify your YPT online,
  3. Select the topics you enjoy,
  4. Fill out a Merit Badge Counselor Application for each subject, and
  5. If associated with Troop 216, your Adult Scouter’s application will require signatures by the Troop Committee Chair and the Chartered Organization Representative.   Submit all three items (YPT Certificate, Scouter’s app, and Merit Badge Counselor’s app) to the Troop.   If you are independent of a Troop Organization, forms can be submitted direct to the Belleville Scout Office to Dee Jerashen. (dee.jerashen@scouting.org or 618-207-6410)  The District Executive signs applications and forwards them to GSLAC for inclusion into the Counselor database.  In either case, use Position Code 42 on your registration form.  This will allow you to register free of charge as a Merit Badge Counselor.

That’s it; you are a merit badge counselor!!!

Once you’ve done this, let the Advancement Chair know you’ve done so and you’ll be added to the Troop list as available merit badge counselors so the boys in the Troop know about your status.

All the information about requirements and worksheets associated with your merit badge can be found at www.meritbadge.org

The program is already worked out for you to apply your own stamp/signature to via your own creativity.  You can easily Google canned Powerpoint files to adapt to your presentation.  It is also recommended to read the current version of the merit badge book.  We have materials for counseling and experienced counselors in the troop who are always eager to assist you in developing your program.

As mentioned, this is also a very non-time-intensive activity.  A troop counselor for 6 different (Eagle-Required – all scouts must have these for the rank of Eagle) reports he might have about 10 sessions in a year with Scouts, conveniently a half hour before a typical Troop meeting.

It’s all here for you to help our youth in their Scout Advancement journey.

“Many hands on deck make this ship move with ease.”

The 30 minute video below details the entire process and subject of merit badge counseling.  It does an excellent job of answering many questions about the subject.

Another excellent resource is the “Merit Badge Counselor’s Guide.”  It does a nice job of concisely explaining the merit badge program.